Long-Term Value Through Enduring Relationships

About us

Maclali is a European investment holding headquartered in Luxemburg.

We are a privately owned family company providing ongoing advice and support as well as creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators to build and develop successful companies.

Our goal is sustainable, long term value creation.

We dedicate ourselves to the success of each of our investments. We make the difference by contributing not only with funding but also with extensive investing experience. We believe that entrepreneurship and small businesses are vital parts of society’s long-term development.

Maclali pursues to work with world-class management and technical teams that are targeting disruptive opportunities in different markets. We give more than just capital. As an investor, we take an active role in influencing and helping the company and its management.

We are passionate about creating value and achieving great results and will walk that extra mile to ensure positive returns for our partners and ourselves; but that does not mean we get involved at an operating level or plan to control the company. It means that we influence its development as an advisor and board member on issues ranging from recruiting and geographical expansion to business plans, financials and long-term strategy.